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Harnessing the power of EVERYONE to cure cancer in children and young people: what will it take?

Help us establish Australia’s first Research Library by completing this survey:

We all have a unique contribution to make in the fight against cancer – our health information. By donating your health information to a Research Library, you can have a direct impact on advancing research.

A Research Library is a large database that accepts information donations from cancer patients anywhere. Your de-identified information can be used by researchers everywhere. Importantly, the Library makes it easy for YOU to access YOUR information into the future.

Australia lags behind other countries because there is no option for young people and families with cancer to donate their health information for research.

Australian Families 4 Genomics has joined forces with the Community and Patient Preference Research Group (CaPPRe) to find out what it will take for young people and families to say YES to information donation.

Help us establish Australia’s first Research Library providing more data to more researchers globally.


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