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Families & Young People partners


Families are front and centre to the development of consent, data access and data sharing policies and processes. AF4G acting as the trusted custodian of genomic data, medical information and family experience.

AF4G is a family-led initiative that can influence both current management and funding for new discoveries. By challenging the status quo we will prompt others to look beyond established precision medicine and beyond immediate outcomes.

Our population focus gives every child and young person dealing with cancer hope for a better future.

To get involved email:

Clinical, Research & Government partners


All paediatric and AYA oncology units and research organisations across Australia are invited to partner with AF4G. Working together we can streamline the research process and make the research dollar go further.

  • Efficiencies in ethics, governance and consent – single consent process led by families

  • Centralised storage of tissue and blood samples

  • Single point of access for verified genomic data, medical information and patient experience

  • Population data

  • Longitudinal capture of information   

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Philanthropy (funding partners)

Explore what you can do to bring hope through genomics to families living with cancer.
Talk to us today at :

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