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Madeline's Model at the Princess Alexandra Hospital

Madeline’s Model at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane

Madeline’s Model offers young people with cancer (aged 15-25) upfront genomic sequencing, the option to donate personal genomic and health information to the Australian Omics Library, and essential peer mentoring and life coaching.


Madeline’s Model was co-designed by young people and families impacted by cancer, clinicians, and researchers. Madeline’s Model is scalable to any hospital in Australia treating children and young people with cancer. The first hospital in Australia to adopt Madeline’s Model as standard care for young people with cancer is the Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane.


Madeline’s Model gives every young person with cancer access to precision medicine. Being part of the Australian Omics Library gives young people lifelong access to their personal genomic and health information. By making an information donation to the Australian Omics Library young people with cancer are accelerating new scientific discoveries that may help themselves and others in the future. Madeline’s Model is a population-wide, future focussed, young person and family led approach to genomics, it is an Australian first.

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