Madeline's Wish

Madeline's Wish is for every child and

young person with cancer to have genomic sequencing.


A legacy of a determined young woman

Just before Madeline turned ten, the young artist and her loving family discovered she was suffering from brain cancer. Madeline loved art, music, school, travel and talking to new and old friends. She was courageous and determined to do everything normal kids do; such as climbing high ropes, performing, music and being a wildlife warrior. Following spinal and brain radiation and endless rounds of chemotherapy Madeline relapsed prompting her family to search for another possible treatment which included genomic sequencing. Genomic sequencing allowed Madeline to enroll in a clinical trial in the USA to extend her precious life. Sadly Madeline passed away just after her fourteenth birthday.

Tragically, not every child and young person with cancer can access genomics. Madeline's Wish and our wish is for all children and young people with cancer to have genomic sequencing when they are diagnosed. Your generous donation will enable genomics to be offered to every child and young person with cancer.

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