The difference you'll make

Did you know?

Each year in Australia around 1100 children and young people are diagnosed with cancer and the rate is rising.
1 in 4 children diagnosed with cancer won't reach their 21st birthday.

At the moment doctors and parents select the best available treatments for children and young people with cancer.  Many of the treatments have not changed since they were developed for adults in the 1950s. These treatments damage developing bodies and have serious life-long side effects. 

How many children & young people can we help?

A child’s genome can be sequenced for $2.5K

  • The genome information can allow doctors and parents to select treatments which have a better likelihood of success and fewer long term side effects.

  • Families and young people can donate their genomic and health information to the Australian Omics Library, a first in Australia

  • Researchers can access the library to accelerate research findings and benefit more children and young people with cancer

You make an impact

Your help will enable children and young people experiencing cancer to access the genomic testing and support they need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

We're building a supportive community of families, doctors and researchers where all young people are valued, included and have every opportunity to thrive. 

Your support will help us accelerate the identification of smarter, kinder and more effective treatment options as well as find better diagnoses. 

"Genomic sequencing extended the precious life of our daughter".

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- Madeline's mum