Flagship Projects

With our flagship projects, AF4G is the ‘go-to’ place for families interested in donating their genome, sharing their medical information and cancer experience to accelerate new discoveries and medical insights.


Focussing initially on childhood and young people’s cancer AF4G will deliver infrastructure scalable to other health conditions. 


Our family-led collaborative approach can drive the shift in culture needed to break down genomics and research silos to help every child and young person living with cancer.


Bringing together families, researchers and clinical services under one roof with a common goal…more effective, safer, kinder treatments.


Challenging the status quo to overcome any complacency that the current treatments for childhood cancer are good enough and that 5 year survival alone is a good outcome.

Current Projects

500 Genomes: Our target is to sequence the genomes of 500 children and young people diagnosed with cancer and treated in Queensland by December 2023.

Families centred consent processes: Putting the current and future needs of families’ front and centre in data access and data sharing policies. Stream-lined consent processes that serve the needs of families, clinicians and researchers.

Australian Omics Library: A knowledge bank of genomic, medical information and patient experience including every child and young person living with cancer. The library will provide a one-stop shop giving clinicians and researchers access to comprehensive information on every cancer, including survivorship.

Open science: Using the power of the Australian Omics Library and a large-scale data sharing platform to bring together the brightest researchers and clinicians committed to breakthrough research and open science. The largest on-going study of the impact of a cancer diagnosis on children and young people in Australia.